From the Chair 


“ Building on the values of solidarity, openness and fairness, the City of Brussels and its CPAS wish to give a positive welcome to its new population, some fleeing conflict, others poverty. This is why we have decided to launch an organisation for welcoming newcomers. With the help of a team that reflects the marvellous diversity of Brussels, its objective is to train free women and men, who will be aware of their responsibilities and actively participate in the life of the city” 

" By setting up this reception desk to welcome newcomers, the City of Brussels and its CPAS are organising integration of these newcomers on a collective and individual level so that it takes place under the best conditions and respecting everyone’s rights and obligations. This initiative marks the desire to make our City, our Region, an open society, respectful of diversity and allowing everyone to find their place. It follows that a society can only experience satisfactory and sustainable development if it considers otherness to be an asset and is built on the solid solidarity of all its citizens. The welcome programme is a real boost that allows newcomers to take stock of their situation and continue to move forward with the necessary support. The programme also provides guidance and networking with the local voluntary sector that will help them in their development. "

Faouzia Hariche,  Chair of BAPA BXL asbl 

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