Legal Assistance

Legal questions or problems

There are numerous specialized organizations, private or state-organized, which can give you legal advice or accompany you in legal steps or orientate you in case of problems or difficulties (work contract, family regrouping, etc.). Do not hesitate to consult those associations before calling a lawyer. You will find in the "links" section the websites of many of these associations, ranked thematically, whose services are free of charge. This list does not overview all associations based in Brussels

Legal Aid

Frontline legal aid, accessible to everyone regardless of revenue, allows to obtain a first legal information or a free legal aid from a lawyer.

Lega laid also allows to obtain assistance from a lawyer designated by the Legal Aid Office (Bureau d’Aide Juridique). This is called the second-line legal aid which is accessible free of charge (partially or totally) if you meet certain conditions of revenue, should the problem need a thorough legal aid (example legal advice, legal procedure etc)

Calling for a Lawyer

Some situations request that you call for a lawyer. A lawyer is a professional whose job is to advice, assist and defend people and companies, regarding private or professional problems. He/she’s also virtually the only one to be able to plead during the judicial procedure before all jurisdictions. A lawyer perceives fees and indemnities for different expenses (mails, phone, etc.). Please enquire beforehand on your lawy

Mediation / Ombudsman Service

Should you encounter difficulties with a public administration / private organization or if you feel your request is not appropriately treated, you can contact an ombudsman. He/she is sometimes called a mediator. It’s a free independent mediation service whose mission is to collect complaints from citizens and who will try to find a solution, in the case you haven’t been able to settle the problem yourself with the organization/administration. There’s a mediation service in numerous administrations (for instance, at communal, regional, federal level, etc.) and per topic (example,: Housing, stay permit, youth education…)





Stay (ex, stay rights, family regrouping)




Studies & Trainings






Social Security, Social Aid


Family Matters :

  • Centre de Prévention des Violences Conjugales et Familiales:  https://www.cpvcf.org/
  • Service juridique d’un Centre de Planning familial : https://www.planningfamilial.net/liste-des-centres/


Should you feel being discriminated :

  • UNIA ( discrimination linked to age, disability, origin, religious or philosophical conviction, sexual orientation …) : unia.be
  • Institut pour l’Egalité des femmes et des hommes – Institute for Men/Women Equality (treats about rights and discriminations based on sex, genre, pregnancy/maternity, sex change etc …) : www.igvm-iefh.belgium.be/fr
  • Actiris Inclusive – antidiscrimination desk (regarding commitment): https://www.actiris.brussels/fr/citoyens/signaler-une-discrimination-a-l-embauche/

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