Learning French

How to learn French

Are you looking for French courses as a foreign language (French acronym FLE), literacy trainings or do you simply wish to improve your French level ?


In the framework of the welcome path organized by BAPA Brussels, French courses are proposed for free by our partners.

Many options for learning French

However, there are numerous ways to learn French in the Brussels region. More than 100 organizations propose language courses including private language schools, communes, the Flemish-speaking and French-speaking communities, associations etc. Some of these courses are payable, others are free. Make sure you check the subscription conditions (for instance, subscription with Actiris regarding your age or job seeker status etc.), the required fees and the subscription dates. Should you wish to subscribe, here are the main actors in learning French in the Brussels region :


Actiris : proposes various free language courses to job seekers who are subscribed with them, especially via language cheques and, also, via BF Languages (Bruxelles Formation). There’s also the Brulingua platform which can be accessed by everyone and which proposes to learn French as well as 20 other languages online and free of charge.  

More options...

Social Promotion Organizations: allow you to follow a training according to your rhythm in the form of modules. Courses usually begin in September or January/February and are organized in daytime or in the evenings. When you acquire the needed qualifications, you will receive a certificate.


Reading and Writing Education: is a constant education scheme whose principal mission is to welcome and orientate persons who are searching for French courses : especially adults needing basic literacy courses or FLE.


Private Organizations: many private organizations propose French courses. Be careful, however, that huge fees will be requested !

Even more options...

Associative Sector: Numerous Brussels-based associations propose literacy courses or French-courses as a foreign language. You can find the directory of these associations per commune. Do not hesitate to contact your local association or Community Centre.


Speaking the language daily also contributes to its learning : listening to radio, reading newspapers, visiting museums helps you to speak French regularly, even if your level is that of a beginner. Immersion remains the best way to learn. There are also chat tables which will enable you to reinforce your competences and improve on your French level..  

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